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General Information



How does NAC dispatch service calls?

NAC currently has the capability of dispatching service calls by Towbook Dispatch System, telephone, fax, and email, providing all the necessary information for you to render the service in a timely and professional manner.


What is NAC’s payment process?

The National Automobile Club issues payment twice a month. Payments are usually processed on the 1st and approximately the 17th of each month for services billed by the close date. Please refer to our posted close dates. Invoices received 30 days after the date of service, will not be paid on time.

How do I invoice NAC?

For faster payments, invoices MUST be uploaded through your SERVICE PROVIDER PORTAL, within 30 days of providing a service.

If there are issues with submitting an invoice, you can contact our Service Provider Manager Team at JoinUs@thenac.com or Accounting Department at accounting@thenac.com.

Invoices may be faxed to 650.294.7027

Invoices can also be mailed to NAC at:

National Automobile Club
111 Anza Blvd., Suite 109
Burlingame, CA 94010
Do I have to use a special NAC invoice or can I use my own company’s invoice?

Your company’s invoice will be accepted for payment.

Do I provide a receipt to the customer?

Receipts are not provided to customers unless you have collected payment directly from them and then only for the amount that you have collected. Advise the customer that if they are in need of a receipt they need to contact NAC directly at contact@thenac.com.

What information do I need to supply on an invoice?

The following information will ensure timely payment:

  • Your company name, address city, state, zip and telephone numbers must be on your invoice.
  • Your Garage Code (assigned at the time of contract approval).
  • The PO# given by the NAC dispatcher (assigned at the time of dispatch).
  • The date service is provided.
  • Year of the vehicle.
  • Make of the vehicle.
  • Model of the vehicle.
  • The license number of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle number (Fleet customers only).
  • The VIN number.
  • Odometer
  • Any existing damage must be noted.
  • The type of service performed must be specified.
  • Address of the disablement.
  • Tow destination (if applicable).
  • The contract base rate.
  • Total miles to the scene, Miles to the scene included and Miles Billable to the scene of the disablement is to be included on the invoice.
  • Total towed miles, Towed miles included and Billable towed miles are to be included on the invoice.
  • The signature of the person receiving the vehicle when different from the original person serviced.
  • The client’s signature must be obtained on the invoice
  • The servicing persons’ name.
  • Time at the scene (when over 30 minutes).
  • Time at the scene for extra personnel (when applicable).
  • Special services billed. You must be specific as to the service provided. Prior approval is required.
Can I bill NAC online?

Yes, NAC's Web Portal is currently active and is available 24/7.

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